Safety Policy Statement

At GBR Helicopters it is our ongoing commitment to provide a safe working environment (whether it is in aviation, marine or land based activities) for all of our staff, our passengers, our commercial clients and our strategic partners. Our “Safety First” philosophy forms the backbone of all our daily activities from the simplest, to the most complicated of tasks. From senior management right through to casual employees and contractors, together we will proactively ensure that this commitment is more than just words, but indeed a culture that will continually grow with our business and the challenges that we face.

This will be achieved:

  • By meeting the requirements of CASA and other external auditors in all aviation related matters
  • Through the application of a Safety Management System that is available to all staff
  • With a hazard and incident reporting mechanism that identifies issues and then carries through with the necessary solutions
  • Through the encouragement of all staff to embrace their responsibilities in maintaining the highest levels of safety at all times
  • By ensuring that all external clients and partners comply with GBR Helicopters’ strict safety guidelines when working alongside us
  • Through constant review of our Safety Management System to ensure the contents are accurate and up to date