How To Become A Helicopter Pilot

Want to become a helicopter pilot? GBR Helicopters now offers pilot training with our experienced team of helicopter trainers.

GBR Helicopters’ Flight Training facility offers structured training for student pilots seeking to study for both Private (PPL-H) and Commercial (CPL-H) CASA licenses.

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Pilot Flight Training

Located 60 kms west of Cairns in Mareeba on the Atherton Tablelands – famous for its 300 plus days of clear skies and sunshine and free of coastal humidity and high temperatures – it is the perfect location for students to start the incredible journey that becoming a qualified helicopter pilot represents.

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Flying Instructors

Our three principle (Grade 1) Flight Instructors, boast a collective 20,000 hrs of helicopter flight experience in commercial charter, tourism, military and flight training operations and are available to deliver a broad range of instructional programs to suit your needs.


Looking to become a helicopter pilot or enrolling in a helicopter pilot school? Here are some of your frequently asked questions