Helicopter Pilot Employment Opportunities

The market for commercial helicopters is quite competitive at the entry level and finding that first job is always a matter of “preparation meeting opportunity”.

The better prepared you are when an opportunity is in front of you, the more likely you will be to secure that vital first role. The good news is that the demand for helicopter pilots is growing in Australia and indeed worldwide. Helicopters are key to development in Australia and are utilised in a broad variety of spheres – general transport, agricultural operations, fire-fighting, flood relief, medical transport, mineral resource development including off-shore petro-chemical operations, which by all indications show signs of being the next ‘big thing’ in Australia as gas and oil fields will increasingly need to be supported off the coast of Australia.

At present, helicopters make up 13 per cent of nearly 15,000 aircraft on the CASA Aircraft Register. Helicopter numbers have nearly doubled in 10 years in Australia and they are predicted to double again, in as little as seven years, as a result of the accelerating rate of growth generated by Asian demand for Australia’s energy and mineral resources.

These statistics all bode very well for newly qualified professional pilots joining the industry, offering real, long term career development opportunities and earnings potential. Discuss employment opportunities in the industry with your flight training organisation – invariably they will have connections into the industry that they will be more than happy to leverage to assist students in making that first step into the employment market.