Helicopter Lessons

Student Helicopter Lessons in Australia

All flying lessons are preceded by a classroom brief presented by the supervising Flight Training Instructor. The exact flying manoeuvres and techniques to be employed are reviewed in detail to ensure that the student is completely clear what is expected of them and what it is that is to be learned, practiced and reinforced by the exercises.

“Ab initio” training is the early phase of training syllabus where students are introduced to the rudimentary elements of helicopter flight, from Effect of Controls, through to hovering and then going “solo” in the circuit.

Skills are progressively built covering more advance techniques including Confined Areas, Limited Power Operations, Auto rotations (landing with the engine off), Jammed Controls, and consolidated with short and long navigation exercises.

Helicopter lessons duration vary dependent upon the exercises to be covered but would typically range from 40 minutes to more than 2 hours for Navigation exercises.