Helicopter Pilot Training Cost

Helicopter pilot school cost / Helicopter training cost

Your training costs can largely be broken down into two key categories.

  •  Ground School / Theory

This can be undertaken in a “self-study” manner, with text books, course notes and trial examinations supplied and can be completed largely at your own pace. However once you have commenced the first subject, the final one must be completed within 24 months.

Alternatively, students can enrol in a Ground School class and work in a guided classroom environment with a small group of students and a dedicated Ground School Theory Instructor. Typically this program would extend over 8-10 weeks.

The syllabus for Private Helicopter Pilot Licence – PPL(H) and Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence – CPL(H) requires a minimum of 50 and 125 flying hours respectively. For the Commercial flight training, the minimum number of hours can be reduced to 105 hours provided the last 30 hours is completed within 3 months.

The flight training course is comprised of a mixture of “dual” instruction where you are accompanied by an instructor who is in command of the aircraft and “solo” where the student undertakes flying practice with no instructor on board.