Flight Training School

How to choose a flight training school

The most important aspect of becoming a professional helicopter pilot is the very careful selection of a training organisation that suits your needs. You need to do your homework and make sure that you speak to the key people to get a “feel” for the organisation and its style, atmosphere and philosophy. You need to feel at ease and comfortable in the training environment and have total confidence in the structure of your training program and in the ground and theory instructors that will be delivering the training syllabus that will ultimately enable you to achieve your personal training objective – gaining your private of commercial helicopter license.

Consider the services that the flight training school offers, the practical experience and background of the flight training instructors, the aircraft types they utilise and the location – in terms of weather conditions and flying environment.

Most importantly, once you’ve engaged with a training organisation that you feel may be right for you, take the time to visit them in person, do a Trial Instructional Flight to get a taste of the facilities, the aircraft and the instructional staff. Chat with current students and ask for contact details of previous students that have gone on to develop their careers and seek their opinions. Ask what assistance they were provided by the Flight School in helping them to secure employment opportunities after completing their flight training courses.

The selection of the right training organisation is the single most important step on the road to becoming a pilot, so take your time, do the research and invest wisely.