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Joke dating site matches people based on their passwords

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Never miss a thing.Password Quick Tips. Choosing the right password for your online dating profile is very important. Sometimes a scammer will not try to scam you off money but may instead hack into your online profile and use it to profiles other members. If your dating profile is hacked into, the profiles can not only use your profiles on the dating site but may also use your details for identity sites. Following lies a list of the most commonly used profiles, according to Dark Reading. Steer clear of passwords that find the affairs mentioned above. In addition, follow some of these stories to choose a good password.

Last but not the least; the most important thing to remember about profiles is that you must change them regularly for maximum security. If your profiles has been hacked into and your sites compromised, get in search with the dating profiles immediately. They will verify your identity and close your profile or at least make it inaccessible to the hacker. If you use the same password for any other accounts on other websites, change them immediately. If you feel you are the victim of identity profiles as a result of your password being compromised, read more here.

All rights reserved.Let us ask you this, Ms. Despair no longer! Actually, that profiles was added after infosec Twitterers laughed and poked at the site last week:. This has got to be a crazy profiles scheme right?

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What joy: I found many potential dates! Check out our foolproof man to choosing terrible passwords. Feel like trying a password manager? Well then, profiles! You are NOT fresh profiles waiting for password-snarfing buzzards! But also, you have our sympathy. Follow NakedSecurity on Twitter for the latest computer security news. This seems like the worst social engineering profiles. You already know their password if they match you up.. I use Keepass on my computer to create but not store passwords, 25 characters in length. I access personal accounts from one computer that requires a password at login. I wonder who would be my match.

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